I am Dr. Bo Kirkwood, a family practice doctor in Pasadena, Texas since 1983. I am in practice with my two brothers, Drs. Ron and John and my son Toby. We have affiliations with Bayshore Medical Center, St. Luke's Patients Medical Center, Memorial Hermann Southeast and Christus St. John in Clear Lake.

I am on the Medical Board for , a Master Founding Retailer and an authorized CieAura NBA/WNBA Independent Retailer. We sample out non-transdermal holographic "chips", teas and wrist bands that can help with rest, discomfort, allergies/sinus, stamina, balance and energy.

We continually learn new ways to help our patients stay healthy and try to get them off of medications by improving their health through healthy lifestyles and nutrition.

In 2012 I was introduced to Bios Life SLIM by UNICITY.  It helped lower my total cholesterol and triglycerides and raised my HDL.  I now use it instead of harmful prescription drugs to lower glucose levels and manage patients cholesterol and triglycerides.  Bios Life Slim is an all natural product first developed by Stanford Medical School with further testing confirming its efficacy by John’s Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic and other reputable institutions.

My brothers and I also have a company, RMJ Evaluations where we perform Texas Designated Doctor Examinations, Peer Reviews, Independent Medical Examinations, Required Medical Examinations, Return to Work Evaluations, Treating Doctor Referral Impairment Ratings and Disability Ratings.

I have been married for 42 years to Cherry and we have three sons who are all married; Toby and Kristin and their sons Luke, Kade, Noah & Colette , Danny and Kathleen and their daughter Clara,  Luke and Blythe who have two sons, Carter and Micah. I am an elder at the Parkview Church of Christ in Pasadena and the author of two books, Unveiling the Da Vinci Code (2006), A Case For Life (2009) and The Evolution Delusion (2015) .